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Calls for Papers - MLA Committees

Committee on Information Technology

Histories of Digital Labor
Much digital work has gone uncredited. How do stories from our past revise our understanding of the ... See more
Posted 29 January 2016

Committee on Scholarly Editions

CSE-SHARP Collaborative Session, Open Topic: Editions/Authors/Readers/Publishers
Editor-author relations; editors imagining or constructing readerships; social, interactive, ... See more
Posted 5 December 2015

Committee on the Literatures of People of Color in the United States and Canada

Best Practices Now
Presentations invited on the hiring, retention, mentoring, and professional advancement of faculty ... See more
Posted 14 January 2016

The Color Curtain
South-South inter-ethnic connections, post-Bandung embodiment, affect, Afropolitans, South Asians, ... See more
Posted 2 February 2016

Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession

The Politics of Representing the Underrepresented
Do safe structures exist for graduate students to address diversity-related concerns about academic ... See more
Posted 1 February 2016

Teaching as Theoretical Practice
How classrooms reflect, challenge theoretical frameworks (literary, linguistic, pedagogical); how ... See more
Posted 1 February 2016

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