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Calls for Papers - Forums

CLCS Arthurian

Arthurian Affect in Medieval Arthurian Texts
How are emotions represented and valued in medieval Arthurian texts? Bonnie Wheeler (See more
Posted 11 February 2016

CLCS Global Arab and Arab American

Writing Migrant Selves in Transnational Arab Contexts
Regional, transnational, cross-border, multilingual Arab constructions of selfhood. 250-word ... See more
Posted 9 February 2016

CLCS Global South

The Planet in Ruins: The Anthropocene from Below
Papers engaging questions of environmentalism, environmental disaster, slow violence, and/or the ... See more
Posted 28 January 2016

South-South Policing: Security, Markets, and the Laboring Body
South-South perspectives on relations of policing and state-market security to biopolitics, labor ... See more
Posted 26 January 2016, last updated 28 January 2016

CLCS Nordic

Modernist Poetry and Poetics in the North
Papers invited on poetic modernism(s) – forms, shapes, expressions, translations, influence – in ... See more
Posted 26 January 2016

GS Comics and Graphic Narratives

Alien Lines: Science Fiction Comics
Intersections of science-fictional difference and comics: visual alterity, alien world-building and ... See more
Posted 2 February 2016

Drawing the Line: Comics and Adaptation
Connections between Comics and Adaptation Studies: comic book adaptations, multimodality, film and ... See more
Posted 4 February 2016

Graphic Narrative, Comics, and Temporality
Representation of temporality in comics: simultaneity, human vs. cosmic time scales, eruptions of ... See more
Posted 31 January 2016

GS Travel Writing

"Orientalism" Revisited: Travel Writing & Neo-Orientalism
Reconsideration of Said’s theoretical framework for understanding aesthetic and political ... See more
Posted 26 January 2016

HEP Community Colleges

Boundaries of College-Ready Writing
Questions about political and economic contexts of placement, transfer, dual credit. Explorations ... See more
Posted 14 January 2016

LLC Italian American

DigITALamericana: New Archives of an Invisible People
Italian American Forum guaranteed panel seeking transmedia perspectives/projects on the IA ... See more
Posted 28 January 2016

The Streets of Philadelphia: From Rocky to Creed
How are the boundaries of racism and ethnocentrism in the Rocky series complicated and overturned ... See more
Posted 3 February 2016

LLC Jewish American

American Jews and Poetic Experiment
Jews and/ in experimental poetry. The relationship between ethnicity, religion, culture, and form, ... See more
Posted 12 February 2016

Feeling Jewish
Ways to feel Jewish—intransitively and transitively. Affect, empathy, sympathy, anxiety, ... See more
Posted 12 February 2016

LLC Latina and Latino

The Languages of Latina/o Literature
How have Spanish, English, and indigenous languages influenced the formation of Latina/o ... See more
Posted 12 February 2016, last updated 13 February 2016

Latina/o Materialisms
new & old materialisms; cultural materialism; queer & feminist materialisms; Marxism; histories of ... See more
Posted 12 February 2016

Speculative Latin@: Histories of the Future
Papers engaging speculative fiction by Latin@ authors: alternative archives; utopias/dystopias; ... See more
Posted 12 February 2016

LLC Southern United States

Queer Southern Imaginaries
How do erotic, sexual, and gender imaginaries shape regional and national constructions of “the ... See more
Posted 3 February 2016

The Revolution(ary) South
The South and revolutionary moments. How might focusing on the South complicate concepts of ... See more
Posted 3 February 2016

LLC South Asian and South Asian Diasporic

Feasting, Fasting, Famine: Representations of Hunger in South Asian Literatures and Cultures
Theorizing the politics, aesthetics, ethics, affect, of figurations of hunger. Class, gender, ... See more
Posted 16 January 2016

LLC West Asian

Dispossession: West Asian Contexts
Panel on past and current practices of dispossession in West Asia: statelessness, apartheid, ... See more
Posted 9 February 2016, last updated 10 February 2016

LLC Catalan Studies

Art, Non-Art, Post-Media, Installation: Catalan Museums Today
The role and function of the Museum when art and non-art, exhibit and installation, media and ... See more
Posted 11 February 2016

Catalan Cinema and New Media
Papers should examine Catalan Cinema and new media with a focus on the global, intercultural and ... See more
Posted 12 February 2016

LLC Hungarian

Women negotiating boundaries
We invite papers about contemporary women writers of Hungarian cultural and linguistic background ... See more
Posted 8 February 2016

LLC Irish

Queer Ireland
This panel celebrates the radical cultural transformation of legalizing gay marriage in Ireland by ... See more
Posted 29 January 2016

Reformation 500: Protestantism, Literature, Ireland
“Anglo-Irish” refers also to English-language Irish literature (sometimes disparagingly). What ... See more
Posted 29 January 2016

LLC Japanese to 1900

Soundscapes in Premodern Japan
How does sound represent courtly or natural spaces, confer auditory or illocutionary force, or give ... See more
Posted 20 January 2016

LLC Mexican

Mexican Orientalisms
Mexican uses of orientalism and alternative orientalisms; literary and cultural production about ... See more
Posted 6 February 2016

LLC Romanian

Teaching Central/Eastern Europe and Its Communist Past
Practices of teaching Central/Eastern Europe's cultures and communist/totalitarian past to younger ... See more
Posted 31 January 2016, last updated 3 February 2016

LSL Germanic Philology and Linguistics

Germanic Philology and Linguistics
The forum solicits papers addressing any aspect of Germanic linguistics and philology. Please send ... See more
Posted 25 January 2016

LSL Romance Linguistics

Selected Topics in Romance Linguistics
Approaches to Romance Linguistics exploring any area of Romance Linguistics (theoretical or ... See more
Posted 2 February 2016

MS Opera and Musical Performance

Pierre Boulez
Boulez’s work with opera, his musical dialogues with literary texts, relations to modernism and ... See more
Posted 11 February 2016

RCWS Literacy Studies

Literacy Practices and Processes
We welcome discussions of practices and processes of literacies situated in a wide range of ... See more
Posted 5 February 2016

TM Bibliography and Scholarly Editing

What is Critical Bibliography?
Seeking short position papers exploring the intellectual reach and possibilities for bibliography ... See more
Posted 3 February 2016

TM Book History, Print Cultures, Lexicography

Boundaries of the Book
What are the boundaries of books—dictionaries included—in various formats and materials, from ... See more
Posted 28 January 2016

TM Literary and Cultural Theory

Re-turns of Deconstruction
Deconstruction after or outside the linguistic turn(deconstruction of institutions/disciplines, the ... See more
Posted 20 January 2016

TC Age Studies

The Boundaries of Literary Age Studies
What are/should be the parameters of age studies in literature? How should literary age studies ... See more
Posted 12 February 2016

TC Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities

This roundtable intends to showcase diverse ecomedia projects and ignite conversation about field ... See more
Posted 18 January 2016

TC History and Literature

Writing Resistance
Historical approaches to “writing resistance” or “writing rebellion”: narrative construction of ... See more
Posted 12 February 2016

TC Medical Humanities and Health Studies

Beyond Narrative: Age Studies & Medical Humanities
What are the limits of narrative inquiry in age/health studies? Seeking critiques of/alternatives ... See more
Posted 8 February 2016

Environment, Illness, Literature, Health/care
Literature of environmental illness, critical perspectives on health, policy, practice. Topics and ... See more
Posted 8 February 2016

TC Memory Studies

Alternate Histories, Alternate Memories
Seeking papers for a non-guaranteed session on the genre of alternative history, and its ... See more
Posted 4 February 2016

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